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- Date Posted: 08/13/2012


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 Language Arts

Daily Buzzword

Online Almanac


Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus

Power Proofreading

Word Games



Maps and Geography

Country at a Glance

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

World City Maps

Latitude and Longitude


Maps in the News

Historical Maps

United States Climate Maps

Map Collections:  1500 - 2004

The Electronic Map Library

Outline Maps

Native Americans

First Nations Histories

Native American Web Sites

Native Americans

Native American Culture by Regions

Native Americans INDEX



Explorers of North America

Christopher Columbus

Columbus's Ships

John Cabot

John Cabot (2)

Henry Hudson

Spanish Exploration and Conquest of Native America

Explorers of North America

How America Got Its Name

Colonial America

Gallery of Early American Portraits

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial America

Colonial Life Links

American Revolution

American Revolution Links

4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources

Kid Info Reference Resources: American Revolution

History Central: Causes of the Civil War

American Revolution Quiz

What Are They Saying?

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Constitution of the United States

America's Freedom Documents

Monticello:  The Home of Thomas Jefferson

Benjamin Franklin:  Glimpses of the Man

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

The 1st Five Presidents

National Gallery of Art: First Five Presidents

The 1st Five Presidents and Their Accomplishments

Order the First Five Presidents

America's Presidents Crossword Puzzle

The Civil War

Civil War@Smithsonian

Virginia Tech:  American Civil War Resources

Poetry and Music of the Civil War

Civil War Women

Maps of the Civil War

The History Place Presents Abraham Lincoln

The Underground Railroad

National Geographic:  The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman

Westward Expansion

The Oregon Trail

American Westward Expansion

Research Sources/Biographies

History for Kids!






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