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Classroom Pictures - Date Posted: 08/19/2012
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Our Classroom

Below are some pictures of our classroom. Click on the link to view them.


This is our classroom library.


We place our backpacks here.

Reading Center

Area where we will have guided reading lessons.

Writing Center

A place where writing supplies are stored.

Soaring Scholars

This is a monthly award presented to students who display exemplary work habits and behaviors.

Language Arts Focus Board

Display of current history units.

History Focus Board

Display of current history units.

Classroom #1

This is a view of the classroom door from the hallway.

Classroom #2

This is the view from the door to the front of the room.

Classroom #3

This is the view from the back of the view to the front.

Classroom #4

The view from the guided reading table to the language arts focus wall.

Classroom #5

View from the front of the room to the back of the room.

Classroom #6

View from the Smart Board to the guided reading table.

Classroom #7

View looking to the door to the hallway.




Helen Mitchell